Friday, July 8, 2016

Welcome to Mandyland

Yesterday I had a completely different blog post here.  I had a post talking about blogging, find myself again and hustle.  After the events in Dallas last night I realized I know how I am, I know who I strive to be and I need to put more effort into getting there.

Let's recap my previous post, shall we?

Yesterday I wrote about my absence from Mandy Jean Chic and rebranding my etsy shop from SHOP Mandy Jean Chic to The Leather Quill Shoppe Express.  As many of you know my husband and I started a little shop called The Leather Quill Shoppe.  Currently we make handmade leather traveler notebooks and pens.  Thanks to everyones support and our hard work we have found great success.  Basically we are both working 2 full time jobs now and love it!  Building the shop had taken a #1 spot for me and Mandy Jean Chic had to take a little vacation.

Vacation is over!  In reality the vacation was over days ago but I had a really hard time getting back into Mandy Jean Chic.  Not because I don't love my little blog but have you ever quit talking to a friend completely by accident and when you thought about them it was kind of awkward.  That was completely how I was feeling.  I was finding it very difficult to post on here.  Why??  I was so consumed with my shop and working my full-time job I dropped everything that Mandy Jean Chic is. MJC is a place for fun.  A place to talk about fashion, makeup, shopping, crafts and everything I love.

After spending 8 months working with leather, dye and talking planners I haven't found the time to craft, shop (except online!) or wear anything except jeans.  Seriously ya'll, Girlfriend hasn't even gotten her brows done.

So yesterday I wrote about finding myself again and making time for Mandy Jean Chic because that is who I am.

Today, after the events in Dallas and with my emotions still running at a level I can't put into words, I decided I am going to live my life.  No more pressure on myself.  I try to "whole ass" (Thanks Ron Swanson for the quote!) everything I do.   I will continue setting goals for myself, blogging and running my business but the pressure is not going to run my life.  The pressure to be perfect, to change the world and live "my dream".

What is my dream?  Before yesterday it was to move back to a Americana town and open a retail shop.  Today it is to live my life and enjoy the journey.

Today, with sadness in my heart and tears in my eyes, I will continue being strong for my friends who are law enforcement.  I will continue to be strong for my husband and offer my support.  I will also continue being Mandy Jean and enjoy my life rather than trying to control things I cannot.

Who is ready to enjoy their journey with me?  Who is ready to take adventures and leave a legacy not of financial gains but of a written journey.  A journey that when you meet your maker says "I lived this life and I didn't waste a minute!"

Enjoy your day my friends.  Please say a prayer for the Officers in Dallas and around the world.  Pray they make it home safely to their family and continue to protect and serve.