Monday, January 25, 2016

First Craft Show of 2016

Our shop has been a huge success.  We are so thankful and blessed for everyones kind words and support!  A couple of weeks ago we decided to do a craft show at the Nativo Lodge in Albuquerque.  We had about 2 weeks notice.  Thank goodness we were sort of ready and didn't have a ton to prepare for.  Everything I did to prepare are things we can reuse at other shows.

Our booth fee was $50 for 8 hours.  Not bad!  We arrived at the Nativo Lodge around 7:15 am and I immediately fell in love with the hotel.  Could this hotel be anymore Mandy Jean?

These metal chandeliers caught my attention immediately.  I love how oversized they are and the rustic look makes my heart sing!  

Craft Shows are hard work!  After sitting down for a few hours I kept finding myself gravitating to these chairs.  I think we need one!  I love the carpet in this hotel!  I never would have picked it out but a rug in this print would be FAB in Mandyland.   

The show was in the second floor meeting room.  All day I stared down at this magnificent and interesting piece.  I am not a statue or knick knack kind of girl but if I could get this shrunk down to about a foot that would be great! :)  

Before I get into final accounting, how we did, expenses and such I would like to say that I am THANKFUL we brought ChicDori's and binders.  If not my profit would have been -75 after the booth fee, lunch and my pen, HA!!!  

I wanted to add a little height to the table.  We purchased wood crates at Michaels and Brett distressed them.  I thought they looked so cool with the journals and binders in them.  Depending on the show we can add more, change the configuration and so on.  

While I love seeing all the leather products played out on the table we should have considered purchasing a couple photo or plate stands.  After this show we ended up purchasing 3.  Next show this will help to prop a few ChicDori's up to add a little height.  

The black cloth really made the products stand out and the colors look vibrant.  We will continue with that.  

I wanted to add some texture to the table so we brought a few pieces of suede with us and LOVE it!  Again, I used a box to hold my stickers.  The only thing I forget to show ya'll was my signs.  We can do that at a later date :) 

We learned a couple things at this show.  #1- When people touch leather they buy leather.  It was interesting as people walked by they asked if they could touch the pieces.  75% (ish) of the time they purchased.  When someone is shopping online they only see the leather.  I think this makes a HUGE difference.  #2- Packing product in crates is so much easier!  We seriously were able to load and unload everything in one trip.  Think about how you are going to pack your products.  

 We had so much fun at the show and honestly we did well.  Some craft shows you make a profit and others you don't.  I thought I would share a actual accounting with you.  I want people to see our journey and if it empowers you to take your art to a show, that is great!!

Booth Fee- $50
Breakfast- $9.75
Expenses total: $59.75

Sales- $284.00

Income after expenses: $224.25

After this show it has peaked our interest in doing a few more this year.  Our goal is one per month.

Once my creative entrepreneur blog is set up I will be shifting this content over there.  I am almost done!  I cannot wait to launch the blog and products.  This last 6 months have been some of the best of my life and I cannot wait to take you on the journey with me.


Kari said...

That's a pretty good profit! My first show, I paid $50 for the table and packed my lunch. We did 4 hours and broke even (with items that were $5 a piece). At first, I was a little disappointed, but then I realized it was basically free marketing. Lots of people walked away with the card for my shop. So to walk away with a profit...that's pretty spectacular! Well done! I like the table setup! Height is major and the crates look great!

Julia from It's Always Ruetten said...

Congrats on the successful show! I've never been to Nativo Lodge, but it looks very nice!