Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Happy almost October! 

Vlogging is one of my favorite parts of video media.  I love to vlog and to watch vlogs.  I enjoy seeing moments from peeps days, learning a little bit about where they live, great recipes, special moments and so on.  Vlogging is a great community builder and for someone who maybe a little shy to be in front of the camera it is a great tool! 

I created the #vloggersgottavlog challenge as a way to make vlogging a little easier and for others to have fun.  The 31 prompts can be filmed daily, weekly, on periscope, youtube, instagram and so on.  Whatever works best for your schedule!  

This challenge starts October 1st.  Here are a few prompt ideas to get you started.  Put the prompts in your planner and use your planner to help you remember when to vlog and get filming!! 

Fall Wreath- Show us your wreath.  If you don't have one maybe create a tutorial or take us shopping with you. 

Sept Favorites-  What are some of your favorite products in September? September memories?  

Fall Drink- #PSL anyone??  

Celebrate Fall- Take us on a fall related activity or vlog while decorating your house.  What about a craft project? 

Fall Haul-  It's fall ya'll!  What did you purchase to add to your fall wardrobe or home.  Maybe a fall planner haul? 

Hockey or Football-  Which is your favorite and who is your team.  #detroitredwings 

Fall Wardrobe-  What are a few of your must have pieces?

Fall Weather- Take us outside and let us embrace fall where you live.  Just a warning.... I live in New Mexico so be prepared for 90 degrees! 

Pumpkin Patch Vlogging-  Let's go to a pumpkin patch! 

Fall Drive-  Take us on a drive.  Show the world the beauty of where you live. 

Favorite Scary Book- Do you have a haunting book?  Share it! 

Fall Treats-  Make our mouths water with  your favorite fall treats. 

Pumpkins or Apples???

Fall Scent-  What smell just screams FALL!!!!!  #sweaterweather 

Day in My Life-  Film pieces from your day.  What does your day really look like! 

Favorite Scary TV-  Do you have a favorite Halloween show? 

October Beauty-  What are some of your favorite fall beauty products?

Decor-  Do you decorate for Fall or Halloween? 

Kid/Pet Costume-  Dress them up! 

Halloween Playlist-  A little Monster Mash anyone??? 

Fall Boots-  Let's see your boots! 

Treat Yo' Self-  What is your favorite activity to treat yourself? 

#octoberyoutubetag- look for this in a couple week!  SUPER FUN!!! 

Pin It Did It-  Show us a pinterest project.  Fails included!! 

Pumpkin Carving- Are you a carver or decorator? 

Festive Mani-  Treat yourself with a holiday mani/pedi.  

5 Favorite Costumes-  What were they? 

Halloween Memories-  Tell us some of your favorite Halloween memories. 

Youtube Made Me Buy It-  We all love Youtube!  What has Youtube made you buy? 

Favorite Scary Stories-  Scare us!!! 

Halloween Fun- Take us trick or treating!  Show us your candy bowl!  

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Housekeeping and News!


I have some big news!  Actually a lot of big news!  First off, as much as my Mother would love this, I am not pregnant.  With the launch of #31daysofyoutube you may have noticed a slight shift in my content during the month of August.  Don't fear I will keep up with my original content but  I have decided to launch a new piece!  Starting October 1st I will be offering Video Media Coaching/Consulting, a shop and some top secret content.  Get excited!!!

I wanted to check in, say "Hello" and assure you the beauty reviews, crafts, fashion posts, tutorials, planner inspiration and lifestyle content will not be going away!  Everything will still remain under Mandy Jean Chic but I will be adding a few video media and tech posts.

Also, starting in the next few days to weeks you may see my blog get a little messy.  I am moving to Wordpress ya'll!  Wish me luck!!!

During the #31daysofyoutube I connected with a few fellow Girlbosses and we started a bookclub called "ChicReads".  Every month we will vote on a business/personal development book to read and at the end of the month have a google hangout.  If you are interested you can check us out HERE on GoodReads.  We are reading "Zero to One" in the month of September.

My last big announcement is I created a Facebook group to help others overcome their video media fears, hangout in a supportive environment, share videos, talk tech and much more.  Visit us at Video Media Enthusiasts on Facebook HERE.  Send a request to join and one of us will approve :)

That is all from Mandyland!  How was your summer?  Any fun trips?

Take care my friends,

Mandy Jean

P.S.  The wonderful Tazi created this for me for my birthday!!