Monday, July 27, 2015

#31daysofyoutube Introduction. JOIN THE FUN!

Starting August 1st I will be hosting a #31daysofyoutube challenge.  Everyday you will check out for a full prompt description with resources, free printable and much more!  Also, because I am crazy, I will be hosting a NIGHTLY periscope chat to talk about the prompt.

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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Ready to Start a Youtube Channel? Join the #31daysofyoutube Challenge August 1st!

My favorite thing about blogger and having a youtube channel is enjoying the content that is produced by others.  Many people get overwhelmed at the thought of starting a youtube channel.  I understand it!  It can be way overwhelming but I am breaking it down to 31 daily prompts to help you start and build your channel.  FOR FREE!!!!!!!  

Starting August 1st we will being the journey together :)  I will produce a blog post daily with tips, tricks and in-depth prompt descriptions.  Also, as a bonus, I will be hosting a DAILY periscope live Q&A at 6PM MST!  Search MANDYJEANCHIC on periscope.  :)  Following me is free too!  :) :)

Please post your progress pictures to instagram and use the #31daysofyoutube so everyone can follow each other.  This is not required to participate :) 

Follow along.  Start your channel!  I have a special surprise for EVERYONE who completes their first 3 videos.  :)  

Please share the graphic on your social media and help me empower others to start their youtube journey.  

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Welcome to Mandyland Vlog 9- Mac Lipsticks, Where would I live? Favorite Youtubers....

Want to watch something specific....
00:00-2:35 Day Designer spread, Storing wash tape samples, favorite MAC Limited Edition packaging
2:36-6:23 Chit Chat
6:25-13:37 Q&A- What type of business will I start to be self employed?
13:38- 14:56 Q&A- Am I married?
14:57- 15:55 Q&A- What are my goals for the future?
15:56-12:26 Really stressed today, wearing a dress in my FJ Cruiser
12:27-22:39 Q&A- Favorite can't miss youtubers....
22:40-24:40 Q&A- If I couldn't live in NM, Where would I live?
24:41-25:42- Don't forget to leave questions below and to answer the questions from today :)  I can't wait to see where ya'll would love to live.
25:43- 26:03 DIY Heidi Swapp Marquee Letter
26:04-26:47- Outfit of the day
26:48-27:40- Chit Chat & Driving Home

Mentioned in Vlog....
@danastargazertruitt via Instagram
@Wendi1976 via instagram
Kathy Piper's Blog, Smile for No Reason
The Fashion Citizen
The Sorry Girls

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

 Want to watch something specific??
00:00- 1:57 Favorite BB Creams
1:58-7:00 Quick Makeup Tutorial in My Car :)
7:01-8:21 Part of my Speech at Toastmasters
8:22- 12:00 Concealed Carry, Guns, Creeper Story
12:01- 14:50 Picking the Right Mace/Pepper Spray
14:51-16:39- Chit Chat, Getting Dinner
16:40-21:09 So You Think You Can Dance and Being a Role Model
21:10-23:00 Size Comparison Erin Condren vs Day Designer for Target, Customizing My Day Designer
23:01- 29:16 About Toastmasters

 Mentioned in this Vlog: FOX FOG DEFENSE SPRAY: *

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Welcome to Mandyland #7 Vlog- Fav Makeup Brushes, Answering Questions, DIY Photo Decor

Want to watch something specific?
00:00-3:02- Top 6 makeup brushes
3:03-4:25- How I store cling stamps
4:26- 16:13 Music I love,  Answering your questions, How to survive a job you don't love, Being married
16:14-24:41 Car shopping, Why I will never buy from Larry H Miller, Rich Ford is awesome!
24:42- DIY Photo Holder

Monday, July 13, 2015

Weekend Vlogs- Day Designer for Target, Worst Camping Trip Ever and more!

Saturday July 11, 2015
Want to watch something specific??
00:00-00:34- Sleepy Bloodhound
00:35-1:03- Plant update and dead grass!!!
1:04-3:55 Ideas for a new vlogging camera, quick 4x4ing
3:56-7:24- Chit chat, not speeding, channel updates
7:25-7:51- Driving in Rio Rancho, New Mexico
7:52- 8:34 Bretts theory on global warming
8:35- 10:45 Sportsmans Warehouse and fun new targets!
10:46- 11:17 Brett trying to fit in a Scion IQ
11:18-11:30- Did Hank get into the trash??
11:31- 12:50 Outfit of the day and seeing firefighters
12:51-14:12 Cleaning and organizing my desk
14:13-15:00- Target stamp set review
15:01-17:05- Organizing craft supplies and memories
17:06-17:39- Kimber being Kimber

 Sunday July 12, 2015

Want to watch something specific....
00:00-4:02 Media kit, how I keep my computer clean, what I do with movie clips, my external hard drive that I use with my iMAC.
4:03- 06:10 Favorite MAC Coral lipsticks and favorite lip combo of the week
06:11-16:44 Chit Chat and Worst camping trip ever
16:45-18:20- Target Shopping and Day Designer Display
18:21-21:00- Target Haul- Daily Day Designer
21:01-21:50- New shoes from Kohls
21:51- 22:23 Craft project fail
22:24-23:04 Day Designer set up and planner clips from @runwithcraftscissors
23:05-23:52- Crazy rain storm (for NM!)

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Welcome to Mandyland #4- Getting Scammed on Instagram and Target Haul

Want to watch something specific.....
00:00-00:45 How I take Instagram photos, Shinymix Jewelry
00:461:45 Morning blogging and youtube routine. Responding to comments
1:4610:30 Uploading to youtube, editing, blog post for the day
10:31-10:44 Sound bomb from Brett. He was getting ready for work and you clearly hear him blowing his nose. So funny!
10:45-24:30- Getting scammed on Instagram and how to protect yourself.
24:31-28:33- Target shopping and haul. I got a Day Designer!!
28:34-29:12- lunch and one of my favorite youtube channels

So about the Instagram Scammer...... 

Long story short if a gal from India contacts you to do a high dollar swap or ANY swap be a little leery.  I do not know what usernames she is using now.  She is very very pushy and tries to be overly nice.  Just be cautious when doing swaps. 

Friday, July 10, 2015

Welcome to Mandyland Vlog #3- Love Note, Taking Instagram Photos and FJ Cruisers

Want to watch something specific??
00:000:40 Getting up, love notes and editing
0:41-1:23- Photo backdrop, How I take Instagram photos 
1:24-3:47- Favorite MAC Summer lipsticks
3:48-5:30- MAC Order Giambattista Valli Collection
5:3120:30-Driving, story of my FJ Cruiser, Who killed Rubi the Rubicon??, planned FJ Cruiser modifications
20:3127:15 Office Decor and office tour

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Welcome to Mandyland- Vlog #2- Office Decor, Minions, Public Speaking

Want to watch something specific??
00:00-05:00- Chit Chat, recap of yesterday
05:01-10:00- About my job 
10:01-15:00- Growing up in a small town 
15:01-16:00- Chit Chat/Minions movie excitement
16:01-18:00- Overcoming fear of public speaking and Toastmasters
18:01-21:00- So you think you can dance
21:01-23:00- Chit chat and driving
23:01-25:52- Decorating my office

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

My first vlog!!! Local Markets! Terrible Rain! Officer Benner Memorial!

Want to watch something specific?? 
0.05-0.40- First world fashion problems/pants drama
0:41-02:20- Idalia Roadside Market Place
02:21-02.40- Sneak peek at a DIY project/DIY Fashion
02:41- 03.25- What I am up to
03:26-05:03- Officer Nigel Benner Memorial and Final Dispatch (Final dispatch from @abqscanner via soundcloud)
05:0406:03- Thoughts about Officer Benner and Law Enforcement
06:0406:30- Cruising with my Shiba Inu, Kimber. Music from iMovie
06:3107:13- Fireworks 
07:14-08:53 Sick dogs :( 
08:54-11:05- Jurassic World and chit chat
11:06-12:24 What would you like to see on my channel
12:25-13:20- Home binder progress
13:21-15:27- SHARK WEEK!!
15:28-19:30- Kiki K Wallet and Instagram Drama
19:31-20:32- My office and meet Elaine!
20:33-21:40- Chit Chat, hockey and life
21:41-22:04 Off roading in a PT Cruiser 
22:05-23:40- Chit Chat, sunglasses and favorite tv shows 
23:41-24:45- Big Bang Theory- Season finale spoiler!! 
24:46-26:14- TERRIBLE Storm! 
26:15-27:55- Big Bang Theory and NCIS- Season finale talk
27:56-29:25- Chit Chat
29:26-30:11- Rain rain rain!!

Monday, July 6, 2015

FREE Printable Daily Habit and Daily Task Planner Stickers

If you follow me on Instagram I am sure you notice my planner pictures.  If you don't follow me on Instagram I suggest you do!  I post planner, life, beauty and whatever I fancy on there.  :)  I have been asked to share my habit/task tracking stickers for the past couple of months and I just figured out how to share PDFs on my blog.  I know.... last person on earth to figure this out.  

Here is what you will need to make these handy little DIY stickers. 

1. Avery 15265 sticker sheets (or sheets of your choice0
2. Printable habit/task tracking stickers
3.  Paper trimmer or scissors

I've included 2 ways to download the habit/task tracker.  You can click on the photo below and save it to your computer.  This will allow you to adjust sizes or you can download it directly from my google drive.  

Download via Google Drive

I know my tracker is simple but please do not reproduce it or call it your own.  :)

Once the stickers are printed use your trimmer or scissors to cut them to size.

Decorate your planner as you see fit and place the stickers on the bottom row :)  

I hope you found this helpful!!  If you download the stickers and use them in your planner use #mandyjeanchic so I can see your pictures :) 

Friday, July 3, 2015

DAY TRIP- Rio Rancho Veterans Monument Park and Officer Benner Memorial

Gregg Nigel Benner Rio Rancho Police Department

Last weekend after a brief rainstorm I decided to head to Officer Benner's memorial for the first time since his murder.  While the weather was perfect and the sky was beautiful I still was hesitant to go.  You see, if I didn't go I could keep pretending everything was fine and avoid the moment when I realize we truly lost another hero.  Another hero gone to soon.

Rio Rancho Veterans Monument Park and Public Safety Memorial

I sat in my truck for 20 minutes before I actually got out.  When you drive up to Veterans Monument Park the first thing you see is the temporary memorial to Officer Benner.  Honestly, the first thing I didn't want to see.

Officer Down Memorial Police Memorial

Emotions rushed and tears filled my eyes.  Another hero gone.  When will it end?  When will criminals be held accountable?  When will law enforcement get the support they deserve?  Why did this have to happen?  Why are cops called Pigs?  Why are military disrespected and PTSD being untreated?  Why is society letting these brave men and women down?  Why am I sitting in my truck avoiding saying goodbye?

Rio Rancho Veterans Monument Park and Public Safety Memorial

Rio Rancho Veterans Monument Park and Public Safety Memorial

I was scared.  It was almost dark.  I was scared of being in that part of Rio Rancho late and I was scared of my own emotions.

Rio Rancho Veterans Monument Park and Public Safety Memorial

After 20 minutes I got out of my truck and walked over.  Seeing the out pouring of love for Benner brings tears to my eyes.  A hero getting the respect he deserves.  Looking at the flags, memories, signs, letters and love I realized how safe I felt.

Rio Rancho Veterans Monument Park and Public Safety Memorial

The whole time I was there I had this feeling I was being watched but not in a negative or harmful way.  I felt like I had someone watching over me.  I had this really weird sense of security.  I really can't explain it.

Day Trip Rio Rancho Albuquerque New Mexico

After visiting Benner's memorial I walked over to the Veterans side and the park.  I continued to snap a few pictures until the rain started again.

When I arrived I was angry, hurt and sad.  I didn't understand why and how men and women keep dying while protecting us.  After spending a hour thinking and reflecting I left feeling peace.  I now realize I cannot control what others think and their actions.  I can just pray my friends and loved ones make it home safe.  If they are taken to soon I also realized they become angels and never truly quit protecting us.

New Mexico Sky

Watch my #Bluelivesmatter video.  


Two Sides of Gregg "Nigel" Benner from Albuquerque Journal

Gregg "Nigel" Benner, Officer Down Memorial Page

Officer Benner's Final Dispatch from @abqscanner via Soundcloud

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Summer Fashion and Beauty Essentials

I was so blessed to have a great opportunity to appear on KRQE Morning Show and share my Summer Fashion and Beauty Essentials.  I was going to take a bunch of pictures of my essentials and post them on my blog with the video but I am to excited not to share the video right now!!!  Tomorrow I will have a more indepth post of my essentials.  :)