Sunday, May 31, 2015

Growing Flowers in the Desert

Recently I decided to plant some flowers in my pots that line my walkway and the wagon in my front yard.  Keeping flowers alive in the desert can sometimes be a challenge.  Most of the plants in my backyard are far more drought tolerant but the front of my house is another story.  I love the color and cheery feeling flowers give.  Enjoy! All plants were purchased at Lowe's and no, this is not a sponsored post.

I have 9 of these pots that line my walk way.  This fall they will all be given a fresh coat of paint.  

Is my favorite flowers obvious? Ha!!  I just love this plant! 

These guys didn't handle our last wind storm well.  Hopefully with some love and Miracle Grow they will bounce back. 

This plant wasn't a fan of the wind either. 

My hanging plats are also not happy right now. 

I love these Fire Poker plants.  These are probably 2 years old now.  Love them!! 

I love how my wagon turned out this year.  Hopefully my flowers will cascade over the front.  

I hope you enjoyed a look at my flowers this year.  


Friday, May 22, 2015

3 Tips for Craft Punch Maintenance

Hola!!  I was using my craft punch on sticker paper recently and it became so difficult to use that I thought I broke my punch.  I didn't realize that when making flair buttons, planner stickers and so on the glue from the sticker paper was gumming up my punch.

3 tips for craft punch maintenance

#1-  Gummy Craft Punch
Does anyone else like the word "gummy"??  When your punch becomes sticky spray a little rubbing alcohol into the punch and clean with a paper towel or q-tip.  The alcohol will break down the glue.  I swear by this!!!!

#2-  Sharpening a Punch
Good old aluminum foil will do the trick.  Tear a piece off and punch away.  Your punch will be good as new.  If your punch is incredibly dull you can also punch sandpaper to sharpen.

#3-  Lubricate Your Punch
Easiest way to lubricate a punch..... use wax paper.  Tear a sheet off and make a few punches.  Not only will your punch be lubricated but your punch will be a little more resistant to gumming up.

How do you maintain your punches??

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

All About Mac Fix+. What Is It? How To Use It? Why I Love it.

I think sometimes I act like I am the only person in the world with dry skin.  I know that isn't true but finding skincare, foundations, powders are so on can cause anxiety.  Will I break out?  Will it make emphasis my dry patches?  First world problems, I know. 

One of the first MAC purchases I ever made was MAC Fix+ yyyeaaarrrssss ago.  Years later it is still a staple in my makeup and skincare routine.  I even use this in my hair at work.  I swear this stuff is made my angels!  

What is Fix+?
From "A lightweight, mineral rich finishing mist that refreshes the skin and finishes makeup. Helps create an even surface for a smooth makeup application."

Retails for $22 for 100ML

How I use Fix+?
I spray Fix+ on my skin after the shower, in the mornings, after I powder my face and when I need a skin refresher.  It doesn't irritate my skin, dry me out or cause break outs.  Again, pretty sure it is made my angels.

Why I love it?
It is full of antioxidants that help my skin without being harsh.  I am heavy handed with powder.  After powdering my face I spray fix+ and it takes away the look.  AH-Mazing!!

What Fix+ is not....
Fix+ is not technically a setting spray.  MAC can be a tad confusing on this but as a gal who has used this product for years it does not work as a setting spray.  Fix+ does not have those properties.  It does, however, take away the powdery look on the face and give your makeup a refreshed look.

I bet you didn't know you could use Fix+ for......

Dampening a beauty sponge.  To lazy to walk to the bathroom to wet your sponge.  Spray a little fix+ on it.  I actually prefer using FIX+ on my beauty blender under my eyes.  The extra minerals give my under eye makeup a less cakey more natural look.  Try it!

Foiling eye shadows or adding intensity.  Spray some Fix+ on your brush and watch your shadows transform to foiled goodness.  I always use Fix+ with MAC Woodwinked and Antiqued.

To much blush??  Spray a little on your skin or brush and blend gently.

Forget your eyeliner???  Spray Fix+ on your brush, dip brush in your shadow and boom... eyeliner.

My biggest secret....
Have a problem dry spot?  Spray Fix+ on a cotton ball and dab.  It will minimize redness and the dryness.

As you can tell Fix+ is one of my favorite products ever.  I know it may not be for everyone but for my dry skin it is holy grail status.

Have you tried Fix+?  What do you think?  Any special tricks or tips??

Monday, May 4, 2015

15 Days to Doing What You Love #CCChick

Previous post:  Introducing #CCChick

I think the American Dream has shifted a bit.  I feel like more Americans want to live a self employed life, work from home and live.  Many people are choosing to for go having children, using their college degrees in a creative way, traveling abroad more and living a lifestyle for them, not society.  These are my people.

My goal this year is to be self employed.  I am a entrepreneur and girlboss.  I really need to make changes in my life, shift my focus to me and quit making money for other people.  Plain and simple.

I am currently reading "I Am That Girl" and this quote really hit home with me:

"Now is the time to start steering your own ship, regardless of where other people think you should sail."

My friends, that quote is EXACTLY what I needed to hear.  By nature and how I was raised being helpful is important to me.  I want everyone to like me and know that I will be there for them.  I think I need to find a balance of being help and being selfish.

I decided to start "Courageously Chic" as a way for women to connect and support each other.  A tribe, if you will.  The first 15 days of prompts will be focused on doing what we love and finding out what the is.  You in?????

Sorry for the iPhone pics.  My camera was charging and taking forever.  I was battling the light :)


I have 3 or 4 notebooks going at all times.  Writing down my thoughts, ideas, to do, etc is important to me.  My brain fills up quickly and "brain dumps" are crucial to me.  My brain is for thinking not for storage.

You don't need to decorate, buy expensive notebooks or even have more than one.  You just need space to clear your head and allow your brain to think.  I never thought having a notebook would be so important to my success but it really is.  I ALWAYS have paper and a pen on me.

I thought I would share a few of my notebooks below as inspiration :)

My first notebook is a notebook I purchased at Michaels and jazzed up.  I use this to track my blog ideas, youtube, social media ideas, brilliant ideas related to my business and so on.

I created the tabs at the top using Target labels and stickers.  So easy and so helpful!

Nothing fancy.  Simple lists and notes. 

I can't express how great it is having a running to do list.  When I have something to do I add it to this list.  Every Sunday planning session I refer to this list.  

My second notebook is one I purchased from Michaels and I use it as my "brain dump"

Every night before bed I write down EVERYTHING that is on my mind.  No colored pens, no lists, no stickers, nothing.  Strictly my thoughts, tasks, and so on.  Getting everything out of my brain before bed has allowed me to sleep better knowing I don't have to remember things.  

One of my favorite notebooks is the lined pages in the back of my Erin Condren planner.  I never thought I would pay $70 for a planner but let me tell you... I will be ordering one for next year.  I totally get it now.  Ah, I really love this planner but this blog post is not a planner blog post.......

I keep my planner with me most of the time along with my book.  When I am reading and stumble upon a great quote I take note.  Love the quality of this paper too! 

Do you use notebooks?  How to you clear your head, keep track of tasks and life??

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Introducing #CCChick. Women helping women be girlbosses everyday.

In January I read a book called #Girlboss and it changed my life.  On Thursday I picked up a book called "I Am That Girl"and I haven't finished it yet but it is a game changer.  If you've followed Mandy Jean Chic for sometime you know I live a crazy life.  Blogger, full time job, household, social life, dogs, activities and so on.  I will be 32 in August and let me tell you sometimes its hard for me to find my tribe.  

I decided to start CCChick as a way for women to build a tribe together focused on success in life.  Every month I will create a different theme and will focus on improving our lives.  Let's build a tribe of courageously chic women and rock this!  

Tomorrow I will introduce the first prompts.  Are you excited to find your tribe?  I am!!  

Share prompts, quotes, pics and so on using #CCChick for your tribe to see.