Tuesday, December 16, 2014

What You Need To Know About Wireless Remotes For DSLR Cameras

AmazonBasic Wireless Remote

Link referenced above DOES NOT Fit all models of Canon Cameras.  Please research your model :)

Also, this remote only works with a 2 second delay.  If you want an instant remote please research a RC-6.

*10 Foot Range
*Easy to Use

*Battery Dies Quickly

Monday, December 15, 2014

Get Ready With Me Featuring Mac Nasty Gal Lipstick Gunner

I had no intentions of buying any of the new lipsticks from the Nasty Gal collections until I saw a swatch of Gunner.  Such a beautiful matte purple.  I am loving the darker lips for fall and winter.

Gunner is sold out online but you can check your local MAC stores and counters.  For a matte lipstick Gunner does not feel drying and the pigmentation is spot on.  

Makeup Used:
Eye Primer: The Balm
Face Primer: NYX Pore Filler
*MAC Paint Pot: Soft Ochre
*MAC Pigment: Naked 
*Mac Shadow: Soft Brown
*MAC Lipliner: Vino
*MAC Lipstick: Gunner- sold out online.  Check your stores and  counters
*MAC Contour: Harmony
*MAC Blush: Melba
Concealer: Benefit Fake Up- Light
*MAC Brow Pencil: Lingering
*MAC Brow Set: Brunette
Brow Highlight: Chella Highlighter

*Affiliate Link

Top: Torrid
Pants:  Torrid
Boots: Target
Beauty: New Mexico

I did film a makeup look using Gunner and love it.  Are you loving the dark lips trend?  

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

What You Need to Know About SD Cards

I am hoping to turn this into a series on my youtube channel.  I love sharing tips and what I've learned over my few years of blogging and making youtube videos.


Sunday, December 7, 2014

MAC Holiday 2014 Pigment Set- Gold & Beige Review

MAC, Holiday, Pigment, Gold, Beige, Swatches

MAC has done it again!  They released awesome holiday sets!  I am particularly fond of this pigment set in Gold & Beige.  5 Amazing colors that do not disappoint!

MAC, Holiday, Pigment, Gold, Beige, Swatches
Left to Right: Lithe, English Gilt, Pretty It Up, Gold Glitter and Deep Brown

Each set contains 4 pigments and 1 glitter.  The sizes are smaller than the full size pigments and retail for $35.  Such a great deal! The only downside to this collection for me is the containers themselves.  The top is very hard to get a brush into.  As much as I love the look of the smaller pigment jars I find myself pouring into the cap or onto a napkin.  I find pouring onto a napkin to be slightly wasteful but what can a makeup addict do?  

All of the pigments are beautiful neutral colors that blend beautiful to create amazing eye looks.  What I love the most about pigments is you have control of the look.  You can use a base under the pigment to create a highly concentrated color or use them as a subtle highlight.  So many options! 

I am obsessed with all of the holiday packaging at MAC.  I love the glitter box!  

MAC, Holiday, Pigment, Gold, Beige, Swatches

Lithe reminds me of Naked but a little more peach than pink.  Beautiful peachy nude with shimmer. Gorgeous lid color that reflects light golden beige.  Looks stunning applied wet or dry. Limited Edition. 

MAC, Holiday, Pigment, Gold, Beige, Swatches
English Gilt is my new favorite pigment.  Bright Champagne with cool shimmer.  I love applying this wet to the lid.  Limited Edition. 

MAC, Holiday, Pigment, Gold, Beige, Swatches
Pretty It Up is a stunning olive with pearlized shimmer.  Applied dry it gives your lid a beautiful shimmer.  When applied wet you lids will have a metallic look.  Beautiful for the holidays! Limited Edition. 

MAC, Holiday, Pigment, Gold, Beige, Swatches
Gold glitter is just that, gold glitter.  When applying you must use a base or something for the glitter to stick to.  Gold can me used many different ways.  Very chunky.  Permanent. 

Oddly enough MAC does not recommend using this on your eyes.  

MAC, Holiday, Pigment, Gold, Beige, Swatches
Deep Brown is a color I never would have purchased and I am SO happy it was in this set.  I never thought a deep matte brown pigment would be so easy to blend and all around amazing.  Applying this to my outer V gave my look a stunning smokey effect.  

Top to Bottom: Deep Brown, Gold Glitter, Pretty It Up, English Gilt and Lithe

Did you pick up any MAC holiday sets?  What do you think of these pigments?  I will be using this pigments in a few looks this week and will update this blog post with pictures.  So far I am loving them!