Sunday, May 18, 2014

REVIEW- MAC Pigment- Melon

About a month or so ago MAC came out with a  few products in a "sized to go" collection.  Basically these products are smaller but everything is $10.  The products range from pigments, mascaras, lip glasses, and skincare.  I picked up 2 pigments. 

The pigment on the left is blue brown and normal 4.5 gram bottle.  On the right is Rose in the sized to go 2.5 gram bottle. 

4.5 gram bottles of pigment are $21.  The sized to go is $10.  Unless you are using your pigments for other purposes the sized to go version is the way to go.  It will take me years to use a pigment.  As far as the value goes you are getting a little over half a bottle for half the cost.  

I decided to purchase Melon because of the gold and peach colors.  This pigment is beautiful!  

I swatched the pigment wet and dry.  When putting pigments on dry they will still keep some shimmer and sparkle but as you can see if you use them wet the color is more intense and you get a foiled finish.  

When using pigments wet I recommend spraying your brush with MAC Fix+ or eye drops.  Water works but I do think the colors are more vibrant with Fix+.

If you are interested in trying out a few MAC pigments I would totally recommend grabbing a few of the sized to go.  Seriously, these pigment is going to last me years! 

The full pigment line is not offered in the sized to go but they do have vanilla, naked, kitschmas, violet, melon (shown), rose (review coming), old gold (review coming, and my all time favorite blue brown (review coming). 

What is your favorite pigment?  I have been eyeing some makeup geek ones too!  I love pigments!

Friday, May 16, 2014

REVIEW- MAC Maleficent Lipstick- True Love's Kiss

Part of my MAC Maleficent haul was this lithe gem of a lipstick in True Love's Kiss.  This lipstick is sold out online but you may find it in select stores.  I would suggest calling your local MAC store.  

I almost didn't buy this lipstick but I am glad I did.  After purchasing it I realized that all of my favorite MAC red lipsticks are matte.  This lipstick is an amplified which mean it feels amazing on the lips!  

I would suggest using a lipliner.  My favorite is MAC Cherry.  

*Creamy on the lips
*Doesn't dry out and get patchy
*Lasted a good 4 hours with lipliner, drinking and light morning snack
*Hint of shimmer but not super glittery.

*MAC missed a huge opportunity for cool packaging.  
*Must use a lipliner
*Price.  This lipstick was $17.50

RiRi Woo and Ruby Woo are mattes but definitely the closet to True Love's Kiss color.  Viva Glam Rihanna has the same texture (frost) but has more gold in it.  I do love all 4 colors!

If you have RiRi or Ruby Woo and don't mind adding a clear gloss on top I don't think True Love's Kiss is a must have.  True Love's Kiss is not as drying on the lips. 

What is your favorite red?  

Thursday, May 15, 2014

REVIEW- MAC Maleficent Pro Longwear Lipglass- Anthurium

I almost skipped the Maleficent collection.  I saw the products MAC released and was "eh" about it.  I am more excited for the Alluring Collection coming out next week.  Curiosity gets to me and this morning I decided to run into MAC before work.  Never a good idea......

I did pick up 2 things from this collection.  I grabbed the lipstick in True Love's Kiss (review tomorrow) and the lip glass in Anthurium.

If you love red lips quit reading this review now and run to MAC or see if it is available online.  Seriously ya'll this is my new favorite red.

Sorry for the crummy swatch.  This lip glass is so pigmented and lasts for hours!  I put on this lip glass this morning at 10:30.  During the day I didn't reapply it and around 2 I headed to the restroom. This lip glass was still as pigmented as it was around 10:30.  It was a little less shiny but the color was still there.  I.LOVE.THIS.COLOR!

I didn't use a lipliner or lipstick under it and the lasting power is amazing! My biggest dislike is this lip glass is sticky.  Considering the lasting power I can overlook that as it isn't a hold your lips together kinda sticky.  More of a "hey look at my glossy lips" kinda sticky. 

*Lasts for Hours
*Easy to Apply 

*Price compared to size

I do think that if you own RiRi Woo lip glass you may not need Anthurium.  They are very similar.  RiRi Woo is a little more pigmented but doesn't last as long.  Anthurium is more sticky.  Both are limited edition shades. 

Like I said I love red lips!  A few drugstore lip glosses that are similar are:  Wet n Wild Megalast Red My Mind, Rimmel Show Off Big Bang (my fav all time red) and be a bombshell Hot Mess. 

All of these are similar but perform a little differently.  If you own Rimmel Show Off in Big Bang you will get almost the same wear and pigmentation as the Mac.  

Did you pick up anything from this collection?  What is your favorite red?