Thursday, March 27, 2014

Thursday Obsessions

A few of my current obsessions!

How cute is this??  This tulip wreath totally makes me think of Holland, Michigan.  One of my favorite memories is going to the tulip festival.  I think this would look amazing on my front door :) 

OMG.I.LOVE.MT.DEW!  That is all!  

The fact that this recipe includes Mt. Dew and apple dumplings..... I can't wait to try this! 

Kind of obsessed with these necklaces.  I love arrowheads and I love how these have gold around them.  LOVE THEM!!!

Roatan beach outfit

I think this maybe my perfect spring outfit.  I love fedoras right now.  

I would love to have wood floors in my kitchen!  These are gorgeous!!! 

What are you obsessed with this week?????

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

March IPSY Bag

I am loving my March IPSY bag!!  All the products are great!  IPSY is a $10 a month beauty subscription service.  Your bag is worth way more than $10!  If you are interested in joining IPSY visit my referral link HERE

This month we received 4 products and of course a cute makeup bag. 

*The makeup bag is by San Francisco artist Klari Reis*

This eyeliner is a liquid felt tipped liner.  As you can see by the swatch it is super pigmented and a very nice tip.  I can't wait to play with this 

I love NYX shadows.  These little trios are super cute and I love these colors.  The shadows are smooth but a little chalky.  I love the little shimmer but not glittery. 

I tried the Pixi Flawless and Poreless primer a few months ago and liked it.  I am excited to try this one too.  This primer has a little tint to it and according to the back "adds a youthful glow".  We shall see. 

I've never tried a BareMinerals lipstick... ever.  This one is so creamy and feels great on the lips.  I love love love this color too! 

What did you receive in your IPSY bag??  I am really happy with this months bag.  I think my favorite product is the BareMinerals lipstick.  So pretty! 

Join me on ipsy and subscribe to the Glam Bag! You get 4-5 beauty products every month delivered to your door, for just $10. Michelle Phan curates the bags! Check it out here:

Monday, March 24, 2014

Money Monday- Saving Money on Pet Expenses

Expenses are part of owning a pet but the love you receive is priceless.  We don't have kids and kids are not in our future.  We love dogs :)  We really love Bloodhounds!  We are active in our Bloodhound Club and have adopted 3 Bloodhounds.  

Everyone wants to save money and I thought of a few ways that I've saved a few bucks here and there. 

#1-  Spay or Neuter Your Pet!  Having a litter of puppies is expensive and I am totally against breeding a dog if you are not prepared and you need to be a responsible dog owner!  If you have no intentions of putting your dog in the show ring don't breed your dog.  

 I've helped way to many puppy mill bloodhounds to go into details about why you shouldn't breed your dog.  

#2-  Feed a Quality Dog Food- If you feed your dog a higher quality dog food you will #1- feed your dog less #2- he or she will poop less #3- You dog will be healthier. 

My favorite dog food brands are Earthborn and Diamond.  Diamond dog food is amazing and not expensive! 

#3-  Make Your Own Dog Treats-  My dogs are picky eaters and I hate feeding my dogs garbage.  My dogs love hotdogs with a little garlic sprinkled on.  Also, avoid feeding your dog a high fat treat or if you do feed your dog a lot of treats reduce their food.  Weight control is so important with dogs.  Heavier dogs will have more issues. 

#4-  Shop at  This isn't an affiliate link.  I order 99% of my dog supplies online.  They are so cheap!!!!  Pet Edge is amazing! 

#5-  Vet Visits-  Never ever choose your vet based on the price.  To save money I schedule all my vet appointments for the same time.  It saves me an office call.  Dogs need yearly vet visits like we need yearly doctor exams. 

#6-  Heart Worm Preventative-  PUT YOUR DOGS ON PREVENTATIVE!  A $40 bottle of preventative is way cheaper than a $800 heart worm treatment.  I can't stress this enough! 

#7-  Grooming-  I trim my own dogs nails (Hank requires 2 people)  and I also groom them myself.  Instead of paying a groomer $80 to groom Hank I spend $15 and take him to our local pet food shop and use their tub and blow dryer.  I also clean his years regularly, trim his nails, trim the hair on his feet and check him for bites, spots, etc.  I also brush my dogs every other day.  This reduces the hair I have in my house :) 

#8-  Cheap Dog Toys-  Shop  or visit your dollar store.  Hanks favorite toy is a $1 lion.  Kimber loves tennis balls.  My dogs are like kids.  The cheaper the toy the more they love it. 

#9-  Micro Chip Your Dog-  If your dog is lost and picked up by animal control you can avoid a huge hassle if your dog is micro chipped.  The biggest advantage of having your dog micro chipped is you will get your dog back!

#10-  Emergencies-  Emergencies happen.  They happen at the worst time.  I try to set aside an account strictly for vet bills but I will say "when it rains.. it pours".  If you have a medical emergency contact your breeds parent club.  Many clubs have resources.  I would suggest keeping an account for pet expenses but things happen.  Many vets will also set up payment arrangements.  Taking your dogs regularly to your vet and getting to know your vet will only help you later.  

I hope my tips were helpful!  How do you save $ on pet expenses??????

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Coupon Organizing for the Non-Couponer

Am I the only one who forgets I have coupons??  As much as I love to save money you would think I would remember them.  I decided last weekend that I wanted to create a system to organize my coupons.  Off to Target.  Why Target?  Where else will you find a hot pink chevron print expandable file in the $1 section! 

*Expandable File 
*Sharpie or Label Maker

Thats it!!!

I sorted all the coupons crumpled up in my purse by store.  I really only shop at 2 stores for groceries and 2 drugstores.  I labeled my tabs Expiring, Smiths, Albertsons, Walgreens/CVS, Crafts and Other. 

The first tab "Expiring" is for coupons I need to get used up this week.  Hopefully this will remind me to use them!  I only shop at Smiths and Albertsons for groceries.  Both stores are convenient and reasonably priced.  Smiths does send out great coupons and gas rewards.  Walgreens/CVS are the only drugstores near me.  Both stores have a great rewards program.  I also keep my craft coupons separate.  Michaels and JoAnns always have great coupons PLUS if you download their app you receive more coupons!  My last tab is Other.  

I stuck all my reward cards in the front pocket.  Hopefully this will also remind me to check for coupons :)  

That is it!  Super cute and function coupon organizer :) 

How do you keep organized???  

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Lilly Pulitzer Giveaway with The Modern Tulip & Friends

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Eat-in Kitchen Lighting Update

A few weekends ago Brett and I were walking around Home Depot and we came across a light fixture that caught our eye.  We were looking at replacing our lighting in our eat-in kitchen but that was down the road.  Then we saw this

We fell in love with it!  We loved the twisted iron.  Our current lighting situation was not so lovely...
Eventually we will be changing out blinds, peachy paint and yellow.  I found the original light fixture at a huge discount at Lowe's like 4 years ago.  I loved it for about a week but lived with it because my husband said he wouldn't change it again for a while, lol.  Hanging light fixtures isn't his favorite thing to do. 

After :)
I am so in love with it!!!!!!!  Once we finish the bar I will give ya'll a few peeks.  

I thought I would do a quick review of the install and living with it for a few weeks. 

*Easy install
*Beautiful light
*24.5" x 13" is the perfect size for our eat-in area

*Putting it together wasn't fun. I wouldn't call it difficult but it does take time

What do you think of our little change???  What do you think we should do with that little ceiling?  As you can see it has an air vent.  Ideas please!!!

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Sunday, March 9, 2014

DIY Cork and White Board Calendar

As much as I love to shop I also love to give things new life.  This cork and white board sat in my office for 2 years.  I rarely used it. Last week I was just going to toss it out but felt guilty for spending money on something and not using it.  

I started thinking about what I needed in my studio.  I need a desk calendar, task management and inspiration.  

Say hello to just that!

#5 Ruler

#1-  Decide what layout you want.  You can use the cork part as task management and the white board as your calendar.  I liked having the top part of my cork board as inspiration, my calendar below it and my task management to the right.  Having the task management on the right also allows me to use it as a dry erase board.  Currently I am loving the post it system! 

Creating the Time Management Side

#1-  Decide what tasks you need to complete.  Mine include blog, posts, youtube, design, bloodhound club, and projects.  Under the headings I have subheadings.  

  • Blog- Tasks that I need to complete for my blog.  Updates, graphics, projects, link parties, etc.  This doesn't include posts. 
  • Blog Posts-  I have a section for my ideas, posts in progress and scheduled. Having 3 separate columns allows me to follow the posts progress. 
  • Youtube-  My sections include filmed, edited, scheduled.  Again this is more of management and reminders.  
  • Design- coming soon!  I don't want to spill the beans :) 
  • Bloodhound Club-  I am secretary, show chair, newsletter editor and I volunteer on many other activities.  I need to keep tasks up so I remember!  
  • Projects-  projects around the house, life, dogs, etc. 
#2-  Using washi tape separate your columns and rows.  Think about the areas you spend the most time and give those more space.  Washi tape is great because you can always peel it away!
#3-  I wrote my labels in sharpie but you can use washi tape to create labels or whatever.  
#4-  I color code my tasks using post its.  I love the fun colors and when I need to move a task down it is easier for me to move the post it rather than erase and re-write it.  

Creating the Calendar
#1-  Create a heading space for your month.  I measured my Washi tape and added a little space.  I ripped a little piece of tape and labeled the month.  Ta-da!  Header :)
#2-  Lay a row of Washi tape to use as your day headers.  Don't write in your days until you measure (step #3)
#3-  Measure your calendar space.  Create 7 equally spaced columns and 5 equally spaced rows.  Mine didn't come out so equally, Ha! I used a sharpie to draw the lines.  I recommend a pencil at first so you don't make the same mistake I did.  
#4-  Label your days of the week 
#5-  Tear small pieces (scraps are great!) and label the days.  

Easy peasy!!!! 

For the inspiration board you can go as crazy as you want.  I haven't finished mine yet.  I tacked up a post card from a vacation, my husky Fyrs medal and a recent best speaker ribbon from toastmasters.  I plan on having 2 inspiration boards 1 for design and 1 for fashion/beauty.  

That is it!  I hope you enjoyed my little easy tutorial.  If you recreate or have created a DIY Calendar leave me your link and I would love to check it out!  

I love the bright colors and I can organize so much in a little space  :) 

*=Affiliate link.  All items were purchased by me. 


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