Monday, January 20, 2014

Money Monday- Paying Bills and Making Mistakes

I am almost embarrassed to admit this to you guys but I know I am not alone.  Last week I made a HUGE HUGE HUGE mistake on our joint bank account.  Brett gets paid every other Friday and I get paid on the 1st and 15th.

Here is my mistake....

I was thinking the 15th was on a Sunday and scheduled my FJ Cruiser payment for the 14th.  Why would I do that you ask???  Because I was looking at a December calendar.  :(

Why is this a mistake??

Any other month our joint bank account would be fine for that mistake but at the end of the year I move the leftover money that is in our joint account into investments, savings, or pay extra on our mortgage.  So on January 14th our balance didn't cover the payment and we were hit with 3 NSF fees.  Each NSF fee is $38!!!  I paid $120 in fees because of this mistake.  Way to go Mandy Jean!!

This will never ever happen to me again.  I am not going to cancel my overdraft protection because in the case of an emergency it is a good thing to have but I am going to put every bill we have on automatic payment.

To help hold myself accountable the bills I need to put on auto pay are:

  • Mortgage
  • FJ Cruiser
  • Water
  • Cell Phone
  • Electric
  • Gas
  • Internet
  • TV (If I don't cancel it)
  • HOA Dues
  • Trash
The bills we already have on auto pay are
  • Car Insurance
  • Prepaid Legal
  • Netflix
  • Ipsy
  • Gym
  • Adobe
  • IRA Contributions
  • Savings Contributions
Goodness I am so mad at myself but having a plan so this doesn't happen again makes me feel better :)  

Do you have your bills on auto pay?  Does it work well for you?  

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday Funday!- Sandia Mountains and Cedro Peak 4x4 Trip

I am going to start back up with my Organize Now challenge.  The last two weeks have been person organizing projects (mind, soul, etc) but this week starts more projects I can share with ya'll.  :)

One of my goals was to schedule a fun day for me and Brett.  Last Saturday was our fun day.  We jumped into our FJ Cruiser and met a couple of friends for a day of 4x4 fun.  I took more videos than anything.  Brett is still editing a few in imovies and I will upload them as they are done :)  The first video is of our friend Kevin.

We ended up taking the back road from Placitas up the Sandia Mountains and backdown.  We also decided to run the Cedro Peak trail.

This is our FJ Cruiser, Abby.  Abby has a 3inch Toytec Ultimate Lift.

Camerons new baby, Lilly.  The weekend prior Brett helped him lift the Jeep.

I am pretty sure Kevin was the only one prepared for the mud.  

This was taken in the Sandias.  Just before i twisted my ankle :(

The view from the road to Cedro Peak

New FJ Cruiser and a older FJ40.  I want a FJ40 so bad but they are CRAZY expensive!

More Cedro Peak views

A dirty truck is a happy truck. :)

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Design Inspirations/Shoot Fly Shoot

About a month ago I took a few photography and photoshop classes via Shoot Fly Shoot.  If you just purchased  or have a DSLR camera I highly highly recommend checking out their classes.  I learned so much and their classes are so easy to follow.  

When you head over the their website you can select the classes you want.  They currently offer Photography 101, 102, Photoshop Elements, Photoshop classes, Lightroom, Room makeovers and a few more. For more information click on the image below.
(affiliate link)

I was the most interested in the Room Makeover because I am a huge fan of Layla Palmers (The Lettered Cottage) Pick My Presto.  Layla does AMAZING room makeovers using photoshop.  

I decided to play around with a few of my own.  :)  Enjoy! 

This is the inspiration for my kitchen.  This makeover was my very first one.  

I also did a quick makeover for my friend Allyssa.  She has a rustic style like I do.  :) 

A quick nursery for a friend who is expecting a little girl

These makeovers are not to scale and strictly for inspiration purposes only.  

I wanted to share Shoot Fly Shoot with ya'll and a few of my little projects.  These are fun to do :)