Tuesday, October 8, 2013

October is Living Room Month

We get bored with projects easy.  We love to start something and half way thru we get bored.  It takes us forever to finish a project sometimes.  We have atleast 10 projects 1/2 done right now.  Not even kidding!  

We are making an effort to focus on one room per month.  During that month we will work on projects, deep clean, decorate, etc.  Sometimes decorating, cleaning and all things housewifery get overwhelming to me.  I would much rather play makeup instead, lol! 

We love to decorate for Christmas so I figured the best room to start with is our living room.  This is also the first room you walk into when you enter our house.  

This is our whole list of to do for our living room.  We don't have to finish everything on the list in the month.  This list is more of a reminder for us :) 
Choose Paint
Find/Create Art
Focal Wall-Decide What To Do

Finish Slate Tile Trim

Paint 2nd Coat
Finish Slate Tile Trim
New Door Hardware

New Sofa
New Seating
Build Coffee Table
New End Tables
Build Shelving
New Media Cabinet

Decide What To Do
Stone Surround

New Curtains
Replace Ceiling Fan
Wood Plank Ceiling

Wash Walls
Wash Door
Clean Lighting
Clean Fan
Clean Baseboards
Organize Cabinet by Door
Organize Media Cabinet
Vacuum Furniture 
Clean Deer
Wash Curtains
Move Furniture and Clean Under

That is pretty much it :)  Living Room update October 2013.  

Monday, October 7, 2013

Living Room Inspiration

Our living room is such a awkward layout.  I will share some pictures this week of our living room and what we want to change.  The inspiration bug has bit me today and I wanted to share some of our living room inspiration.

Our style is best defined as rustic chic.

For full post visit The Lettered Cottage
We love this living room.  The color, the tones, the fireplace.  Just everything.  The color is Phoenix Fossil by Benjamin Moore.  We are considered this paint color.  Currently our walls are brown :(  Everything in my house is brown.  :(  

We want industrial shelving to flank our TV. I love these!

Visit The Lettered Cottage for more info about this living room. 
I love this fire place.  If we decide to do a faux brick wall we don't want to put stone fully around the fire place and this mixes everything we love.  I also love the sofa and coffee table. 

Rug from Allard Auctions
I would like to find a Navajo rug that is subtle and geometric.  I love Navajo rugs!  They are so beautiful. 

Living Room via Style At Home
We have vaulted ceilings and I love the idea of adding wood planking.  I want to use the idea of a darker ceiling and bright chandelier.  Love it!!

Table design from The Locker
Pipes and wood.  Must make!

Side table from Anythingology
Brett and I agree that our furniture must have storage or a dual purpose but I want to do this!!!  I love the look with leather!  So creative.  

Tomorrow i will try and snap some pictures of my living so ya'll can see what I am working with.  Be warned.... It's pretty boring and brown.